Listening has never been more critical

Hey there Supporters, Friends, and Allies,

Sorry to be out of touch for a few months. After our focus groups wrapped up (June) and the team convened in Vancouver in July most of of were busy traveling or settling back down in our respective geographical locations. After our last team meeting in August we decided to look into alternative device options based on what the focus group participants had said they would like to see in a mobile safety device. It is very much up to them what is useful and may produce an option for safer working situations. So, we have those en route right now, and once they are in our hands we’ll have to test them out before piloting them.

On other exciting news, we are an officially recognized public entity with our own organization registered name! DTES Street Safety Society. However, we will continue to use Keep Safe in media and other communications. The name is for formal purposes, and hopefully not to confuse people!

Stay tuned, and happy autumn everyone!

The Keep Safe Team

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