Baby steps for a big achievement

Greetings loyal followers and supporters! Welcome to spring time in the Pacific Northwest. We hope that everyone’s been squaring away spring cleaning, and enjoying some of this lovely weather, wherever you are.

Over the past few weeks since our last update the Keep Safe Team has been mostly working on device logistics, ensuring that the ideal pilot devices are consistently functional, easy to use with little or no accidental initiation or obstruction, and can be attached to the person in various ways.

Keep Safe has also expanded the team, which we are thrilled about! Timothy Jen and Conrad Wang have been helping the team test out devices over the past few weekends. Timothy is fluent in Chinese and has been a blessing in deciphering the language barriers in many of the device instructions! Conrad has been helping the team test out devices in various areas of the DTES to determine functionality and usability. Saara Bhanji recently met with the team after learning about Keep Safe from a friend and colleague of hers. Saara has a strong history of working in and with many of our stakeholders in the Downtown East Side and will be a second body in Vancouver that can navigate meetings and eventually assist in facilitating focus groups in late Spring. Stay tuned to the website for Timothy, Conrad, and Saara’s bios and pics!

Finally, we are still hoping to secure our final 25% of funding. Every little bit helps, so please share our Fundrazr page, our Facebook Page, or this website with friends, colleagues, family, or strangers 🙂

In Solidarity,

The Keep Safe Team

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.  ~The Talmud

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