A note to our allies — We stand in solidarity with sex workers across Canada

Greetings followers and a happy start to a beautiful spring season here in the Pacific Northwest. Our team has been working hard making the necessary steps and critical logistical meetings with stakeholders. As with all social venture efforts that include community feedback and participation, these things take time.

Many of the stakeholders we are engaged with have been focusing much of their efforts on the Bedford Case in Ontario, Canada. Thus travel, press conferences, and moral support has taken precedence, and rightfully so. However, on 2 May a press release reported that the Canadian Supreme Court would not allow sex worker’s rights groups to intervene in hearings challenging prostitution laws in Canada. This is very disappointing knowledge and documents the continued lack of acknowledgment of sex worker’s voices in activities and events that affect them.

The Keep Safe team stands in solidarity and support for all organizations, activists, and individuals engaged in the sex trade industry and nothing about this initiative happens without full sex worker engagement and endorsement.

“Only when man succeeds in developing his reason and love further than he has done so far, only when he can build a world based on human solidarity and justice… will he have transformed his world into a truly human home”. – Erich Fromm

– The Keep Safe Team

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