A feature of environmental magnitude

Features are important. What else can this device do to make my life easier or safer? Many of us who have smartphones know how important device features, ergonomics, feel, and durability are in the device we choose. We asked similar questions to our focus group teams on the demoed device features and functions. Here are some of their comments and feedback:

– could it have a camera that could discreetly take pictures of johns, license plates and location?

– how waterproof is it for working in the rain? Could we perhaps get a cover for it to protect it from rain, and cover the lights for discretion and avoid accidental pushes? And also to customize

– is there a feature to cancel accidental calls?

– is there an identifier for knowing that the call was received?

Wow! What incredible insight and valuable questions that we likely would not have really thought about had we not engaged out focus group teams! So, our back-end team has a good amount of work to do and try to address the best we can these very valuable points and realities before launching these devices.

Our team will be meeting (all in person finally!) next weekend with members from our community partners, so Stay Tuned!

And thank you!!!

The Keep Safe Team

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