Welcome to the Keep Safe Initiative

We are a coalition of sex worker advocates, students, and public safety officials who are creating a mobile panic button for street sex workers. Keep Safe is a device that uses cellular and GPS technology to allow sex workers to call for help to their location at the push of a button. We are in the process of fundraising for our pilot on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. We invite you to explore this website to learn more, donate, and support our cause.

We would also encourage you to visit the pages of those organizations that have helped and supported us along the way. These organizations represent many efforts related to the safety of sex workers and are deserving of donations as well.

Our Official Supporters

Stepping Stone

African Sex Workers Alliance
FIRST, a feminist advocacy group for sex worker rights

Maureen McGrath

Downtown Eastside Focus Group Partners

Please note these organizations do not officially support Keep Safe, but they are helping us greatly in our efforts.

WISH Drop-in Centre